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The Cul-de-Sac intro with Ray Easley

charles easley


THE PEOPLE CLOTHING COMPANY is a project I started at the beginning of 2016 year. I have always wanted to create a clothing line, and after obtaining my M.F.A. I felt now was the best time to take that jump. For me the attraction to creating a clothing line is the many platforms to mine for potential synergies of business and art. I am very happy with my progress this year and feel confident THE PEOPLE will hold its own in standards to fashion. 

How did you get started?

I started by first making a knit cap (beanie) for an art show that I had in Arkansas. I paint abstract portraiture so the cap was a direct response to the paintings. I put out images of the hat I made and had great feedback so I just kept going and digging at what the possibilities could be. Then in February I was able to team up with some people that believed in the product and gained an investor. It has been very fast, and there is a lot of work to put out a clothing line in 6 months but I think we have a solid team and were going to do well. 

Who are the clothes for?

don't think there is a direct answer for that. I would like for anyone to feel comfortable in our stuff. This brand is not designed to create barriers, its set up to create a community. Thats why we have this blog, and thats going to be our main focus. We want to sell clothing of course but my goal is to set up a platform to generate a community that understands each other in multiple ways. This will hopefully become a place where people come to be enlightened about others stories and how they live.

What is the Cul-de-Sac?

The Cul-de-Sac was set up to be the voice of our company. It will house the direct pipeline to creatives around the world. Right now we have planned to interview a brewer from Colorado, chefs in Wisconsin, China based theme park designers, a DJ who sets up shop all over the USA, an Olympic athlete and many more. The Cul-de-Sac is the place for those people to share their stories. A place for us to come together and learn about the people that share our world. 

Tell us your main passions in life:

Besides this company, my family will always be top tier but for the sake of cliche answers I would say fly fishing, kayaking, chocolate milk and cooking, I love cooking. 

Where do you find day to day inspiration?

Most of my gallery work is stimulated from daily happenings. People I meet and talk with or even just walk by. Someone stands out to me by their style, hair, shoe color, way they walk, etc...  I use those happenings to stimulate a response, which in turn help with my designs. 

Tell us what community means to you:

There are many different communities out there. I have my family community, art community, living community, work community... the list goes on. In some instances those communities cross paths and thats exciting. I strive for those times where multiple communities can come together. Community is a force that has merit when used appropriately and it can be the most powerful thing in your life.